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Do you know what it takes that one aspect from you to become what you set out to be? It requires strong established mind which is proactively prepared to deal with the at least calculated discomforts, sacrifices and challenges that arising on your set way.

Now let’s come to our topic, Temporary Happiness vs Temporary Pain

Temporary happiness means where you can derive instant gratification from the desired activity, and which doesn’t last for a long time.

Temporary pain means the pain that comes out of your uncomfortable zone which cannot endure for long time.

In both cases the common thing is temporary, but it matters about what option you choose after considering the importance, consequences, and impact on you & your self-Image to become best version of yourself.

Now you might excite to know what’s wrong with temporary happiness. In this article I am trying to cover in one aspect that is how these temporary happiness & temporary pains are one of the major factors in the process of whether being successful or unsuccessful.

Let’s go and dig it deeper in to the topic by understanding the causes and consequences of being vulnerable to temporary happiness and at the same time the importance of being adoptable to temporary pain in the journey towards your destination.

Every one of you might know the reasons how one resorted to any kind of temporary happiness. Here you find the different situations under which anyone tend to fall.


  • Due to your unregulated body – I.e. nature of your body is always seeking constant pleasures through your five senses.

  • Feeling of heavy mental pressures and depression.

  • Facing continuous failures in career, Love, and relationships.

  • Momentary happiness seekers to avoid the pain.

  • Ignorance of value of time, age, and opportunities.

  • Trapped by the situations and other negative influencers around you.

The above are the reasons which makes you fall under the tendency towards habituation to bad habits with underlying temporary happiness in them. Now you got the instant pleasure which makes you feel very comfortable to your body and mind. This is how one can distract from core in order to escape from the temporary pain that one has to undergone in the process of making something great.

After you’ve being addicted to these bodily pleasures and psychological satisfaction, your body and mind always is in dire need of seeking momentary satisfaction at the cost of your dreams, opportunities, and vision. Eventually a strong impulse of these bodily & mind pleasures developed and become dominant over your self-control. Now you’re just being enslaved to your body and mind you just listen to their idiotic urges to be satisfied at the price of anything.

Examples of from where you can derive your Temporary Happiness.

  • Excessive sleeping without any regulated hours.

  • Eating plethora of food without any limits.

  • Watching YouTube, Netflix, movies, shows, series, and other fun channels endlessly

  • Being womanizer and craving for girl after girl.

  • By investing your time largely on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and become anxious about getting likes and social acceptance.

  • By hanging out frequently with same kind of friends who do partying, drinking alcohol and other bad habits

  • Playing games hours and hours.

At the end these temporary pleasures will only give you instant satisfaction, after all you will be experience the feeling of low, depression, disappointments and anxiety to the extreme.

Those feelings & bad emotions within you cause to fight with yourself i.e. your vs you, no enemy outside you cause great damage than inside you.

As you are aware about the reasons and how you get momentary happiness, now the question gets pop up in your mind, what’s wrong with the temporary happiness as we are happy instead of pain? Then you have to acknowledge the consequences of your own action of being vulnerable to addictive temporary pleasures.


  • You will forget who you want to become.

  • Abusing time – Time associated with age & value of money and opportunities just pass by you just like a wink.

  • Making no progress in life as it prevents you from making self-improvement.

  • As you are so comfort being comfortable you would have lost your sight to step up further in your life.

  • No room for growth and it holds you back.

  • It kills your phenomenal potential inside and have had very bad effect on your abilities to accomplish the things you set out to achieve.

Since the consequences of these actions doesn’t let’s you experience the results instantly. You can unconsciously ignore them. On the contrary some actions have its immediate consequences and lets you experience the results immediately. So now you are so cautious about them.

For Example:

1. You don’t touch the fire coz you know the immediate result of it is burning & pain.

2. You don’t jump from the building coz you know the immediate result out of it was death.

One who had serious intentions, goals, & vision always experience a very great pain of disappointment and worry when days are just ended up with no productivity in addition to having habituated to entertainment , fun and bad habits , on the other side one who don’t have any aspiration and desperate desires just marry the temporary bodily & mind pleasures by choice whether consciously or unconsciously. These persons don't experience any disappointment and worries as these guys have fixed mindset who always seeks deadly comfort in whatever they choose to do , they avoid risk and build wall against their growth and self-development. For this kind of persons the stuff in this article doesn't influence them as they all were comprised and label themselves with mediocre, poor, incapable.

Now let’s come to temporary pain, temporary pain comes out when you are just step out of your comfort zone and working up on the things you want to achieve. It’s just not simply that, it demands sacrifices of bodily & mind pleasures and abandonment of relationships for temporary period of time if situation demands. Now it’s up to you whether you are prepared for embracing this temporary pain or not after consideration of the fact that whether the undergoing of pain is worthy for your future. Here the pain means referring to the pain only comes out of your uncomfortable zone where you push yourself very hard to get things done without any excuses.

one who consciously perform his action by his own choice won’t suffer unlike the one who do compulsively.

Examples of when you suffer from the pain

  • When you have to study for long hours and with consistency.

  • Waking up early morning (say-5AM) & in having bath.

  • Physical exercises & workouts.

  • Sacrifices of giving up entertainment, joy, parties, movies, games, social media, girls just temporary period of time.

NOTE: - This is not exhaustive list.

If you think this way , you have only one life and which is very limited then you should have prioritize your total life time(say average 68 years) in to blocks and label them with your strong wishes & intentions, then you will be wondered to see how short your life is, now in order to fully accept the temporary pain which underlies in challenges and great endeavours you have to realize that say block:- Age 19-25 is the only maximum period where you can and will have to mostly suffer from the pain when compared to other blocks in order to make up a successful career .This way of thinking and clarity will liberate your mind to embrace the fact the way it is. This mindset helps you to prepare yourself for taking charge of your life no matter what bad situations & circumstances come in your way.

Here the main emphasis is not about avoiding the pleasures completely out of your life but consciously by your choice at least for some period of time up to where you have built up a successful career.

Now it’s your choice to choose the option of temporary happiness or temporary pain. if you choose the option temporary pain over temporary happiness then you must have to realize the importance and consequences that makes you be adoptable to temporary pain.



OPTION 1.Temporary ST: Momentary

Happiness happiness

LT: Pain of regret,

Average Life

2.Temporary ST: Momentary

Pain suffering of

Pain, Sacrificing


LT: Successful Life,

Great Life style

* ST - Short Term

* LT - Long Term

Though success requires many aspects & ingredients , i just covered here one of the aspect don't expect that you become successful by knowing & implementing this one aspect because life can knock you down number of possible ways no matter how much determined you are.

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