Updated: Sep 16

Do you know what it takes that one aspect from you to become what you set out to be? It requires strong established mind which is proactively prepared to deal with the at least calculated discomforts, sacrifices and challenges that arising on your set way.

Now let’s come to our topic, Temporary Happiness vs Temporary Pain

Temporary happiness means where you can derive instant gratification from the desired activity which doesn’t last for a long time.

Temporary pain means the pain that comes out of your uncomfortable zone which cannot endure for a long time.

In both cases the common thing is temporary, but it matters about what option you choose after considering the importance, consequences, and impact on you & your self-Image to become the best version of yourself.

Now you might be excited to know what’s wrong with temporary happiness. In this article, I am trying to cover one aspect that is how this temporary happiness & temporary pains are one of the major factors in the process of whether being successful or unsuccessful.

Let’s go and dig deeper into the topic by understanding the causes and consequences of being vulnerable to temporary happiness and at the same time the importance of being adaptable to temporary pain in the journey towards your destination.

Every one of you might know the reasons why one resorted to any kind of temporary happiness. Here you find the different situations under which anyone tends to fall.


  • Due to your unregulated body – I.e. nature of your body is always seeking constant pleasures through your five senses.

  • Feeling of heavy mental pressure and depression.

  • Facing continuous failures in career, Love, and relationships.

  • Momentary happiness seekers to avoid the pain.

  • Ignorance of value of time, age, and opportunities.

  • Trapped by the situations and other negative influencers around you.

The above are the reasons which makes you fall under the tendency towards habituation to bad habits with underlying temporary happiness in them. Now you got the instant pleasure which makes you feel very comfortable to your body and mind. This is how one can distract from the core in order to escape from the temporary pain that one has to undergo in the process of making something great.

After you’ve been addicted to these bodily pleasures and psychological satisfaction, your body and mind always is in dire need of seeking momentary satisfaction at the cost of your dreams, opportunities, and vision. Eventually, a strong impulse for these bodily & mind pleasures developed and become dominant over your self-control. Now you’re just being enslaved to your body and mind you just listen to their idiotic urges to be satisfied at the price of anything.

Examples of from where you can derive your Temporary Happiness.

  • Excessive sleeping without any regulated hours.

  • Eating a plethora of food without any limits.

  • Watching YouTube, Netflix, movies, shows, series, and other fun channels endlessly

  • Being womanizer and craving for a girl after girl.

  • By investing your time largely on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and become anxious about getting likes and social acceptance.

  • By hanging out frequently with the same kind of friends who do partying, drinking alcohol, and other bad habits

  • Playing games for hours and hours.