Updated: Sep 16

Motivation Motivation Motivation! Nowadays wherever you see, some kind of motivational stuff hits you in the form of quotes, motivational videos, or motivational speakers. Now my question is how does it affect you? Does it transform you to become successful? If your answer is no, you may wonder about what else I needed to have along with the motivation to become successful.

According to me, motivation is of two types:

# Inner Motivation

# Outer Motivation

===> Inner Motivation comes from within, out of your strong intent to make something happen for yourself.

===> Outer Motivation comes from an outside source of the world in the form of quotes, motivational videos, and motivational speakers as discussed above.

The greatest motivation always comes from within I.e. Inner Motivation which helps you to stay on your course no matter how many obstacles and problems are on the way.

Whereas Outer Motivation can just boost your mood and pump your blood. It can be electrifying and create a burning fire in you. Like fire burns as long as wood exists the outer motivation can also exist for a temporary period of time (say 1Hr or 1 day or 1 week) after all you will be the same kind of person.

Here my opinion is not motivation is bad for you but the motivation enough cannot bring you success, it requires an appropriate mix of motivation [both inner & outer] and along with some attributes and habits that are needed to be incorporated into your life.

So along with motivation, the other aspects that need to be considered are as follows:

1. Setting a VISION and making a VISION BOARD.

2. VALUES to be honored every day.

EX: > Time - Productivity

> Integrity

> Compassion

> Gratitude


> Being Proactive

> Enhancing Perspectives & Perceptions.

> Wisdom

> Courage to face Diversity.

The Attributes and Habits that are needed to be incorporated into your life are as follows:


  1. Self Discipline

  2. Embracing Discomfort

  3. Consistency

  4. Incorporating successful Habits

  5. Learning new skills


  1. Following Daily Rituals.

# Early wake up @ 5 AM

# Fitness Workout

# Meditation and Visualization

# Schedule making

# Journalizing

# Contemplation of your thoughts - Click here to read

2. Routine making

3. Reading Novels

4. Having Protocols

For # Sleep

# Food

5. Learning something new every day

Your wishes and dreams stay the same until and unless you work for them likewise motivation without the momentum of action leads you nowhere.

Consider motivation as just an additional boost to your inner fire to intensify your desire to create something great.

Your actions are determined by your attitude and your attitude comes from a self-belief system. A powerful self-belief system can be fixed by you from the source of your strong intent, self-awareness & self-confidence.

Lack of belief in yourself doesn't let you incorporate the habits that facilitate becoming successful. So, instill the powerful belief system in you which is the source of power to you, and for forming many successful habits & attributes that help & propel you in the right direction to reach your destiny.

In the end, there are many excuses to give a fuck about everything but no one search for a strong adrenaline reason to push oneself so hard to stay in the course and honor every day with great satisfaction.

If motivation is enough to become successful, then everyone would have attained the success they want. So, motivation is good to some extent in giving you an extra push, but you must have your inner motivation and tendency to listen to your own inner voices.

So, if you are constantly seeking motivation for whatever thing you do in life then you have to change your perception and consider the need to work on the other aspects of your life to see the change in yourself.