DOPAMINE: The root cause of all addictions, its bad effects on the brain and need for Dopamine Detox

Updated: Sep 16

Do you wonder why and how you automatically resorted to using social media, watching YouTube, and Netflix, eating comforting food excessively, and having alcohol & drugs, etc.? Then you come to the right place where your quest for info will be served. Let's go and dive into the topic.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good, pleasurable, and more satisfied. Activities that trigger dopamine are such as eating nice food, having sex, playing games, having alcohol& drugs, using social media, and other kinds of entertainment, etc.

Dopamine can also get released when you expect a reward from future activity or event

For Instance:

  1. When you are confident that you are going to clear the most difficult exam.

  2. When you expect joy & fun activities in future planned holiday trips.

How Dopamine badly affects your brain?

As you know, dopamine gets triggered when it expects some sense of pleasure associated with activities. You might think what's bad about that? The thing is dopamine doesn't validate what's good or not for you, instead, it encourages you to feel good again and again.

For example:

When you watch your favourite shows, YouTube, Netflix. your brain releases dopamine that makes you feel so good and drives you crazy to repeat this behaviour even though you know it is a bad habit.

Dopamine doesn't consider the consequences; all it sees is seeking potential pleasure in everything you do. Once your brain started to release large amounts of dopamine over particular activity, it will try to develop a craving for those activities to repeat over and over again until you create an urge for it and that's where the addiction form that destroys us in terms of time, will power, the potentiality to create something & creativity. This way our brain is hard-wired by all those patterns of addictive behaviours and bad habits formed over a course of time. Therefore, dopamine is the reason behind all those impulsive decisions we take on a daily basis that results in lacking control over our actions. This is the reason why you constantly switch between social media apps unconsciously and sometimes wonder how did I get here. The situation becomes worse when your brain produces excess levels of dopamine constantly and at one point, it becomes normal to the brain, where it urges more levels of dopamine-inducing activities since the brain developed tolerance. This is why when you try to switch between high dopamine-producing activities that need less effort such as using social media, playing games, watching YouTube, and Netflix to activities like studying, and exercising, your mind won't support you cause studying, exercising produce low dopamine and require more efforts. so, your brain naturally suggests you do high dopamine-releasing activities. In another view, you experience instant gratification from pleasurable activities that makes your brain naturally get attracted to them. Read Temporary Happiness vs Temporary pain to know how instant gratification can kill your purpose and potentiality.

So, this is how your mind (Intellect) is hijacked by the bad effects of dopamine on the brain. Now I'm certain that you all get convinced with the stuff above & realized the need for dopamine detox. The only way to get rid of this vicious circle is to bring the practice of dopamine detox into your life.

Role of Enterprises in Dopamine Addiction

In today's world, the horrible reality is almost every company is trying to design their products and internet platforms to release as much dopamine as possible in order to make us come back over and over again. That's why social media platforms switch from chronological feeds to algorithm-based feeds so that they can grab your attention based on your likelihood to click them. In this way, you get trapped in your temptations.


Dopamine detox means refraining from dopamine-inducing activities for a particular period of time, say 24hrs to several days depending upon the severity of the addiction.

Before bringing the practice of dopamine detox into your life, there should be some strong intent behind the implementation of dopamine detox. What drives you to come here to read this article is your intent and quest to search for a solution to the problems you are facing in your life.

Strong motives behind the implementation of Dopamine Detox

  • Wishing to avoid daily disappointment & anxiety caused by overuse of digital devices and by addiction to other bad habits such as having alcohol & drugs, Masturbation, gambling, etc.

  • Wishing to improve unwavering focus to get things done without postponement so that the chances of things happening for yourself are more favourable.

  • Freeing mind & time for practicing good habits and hobbies.

With those motives in mind, now you get prepared to take up the challenge of practicing dopamine detox.

Rules of Dopamine Detox