Updated: Aug 9

These days everyone emphasizing to do meditation and yoga but no one recognizing the significance of contemplation. In this article, you will come to know about the contemplation and everything you need to know about this.

Contemplation is considered as one of the spiritual practice to bring you in to a state of oneness. Traditionally there are three kinds of spiritual practices designed to make you experience the state of oneness. [source: higherselfguides]

1. Meditation

2. Concentration

3. Contemplation

  • Meditation allows you to deepen your awareness.

  • Concentration focuses on your attention

  • Contemplation invites insights

In most forms of the meditations the objective is to clear the thoughts from your mind while in contemplation you do practice of focusing your awareness on the thoughts, not just a random thought but a specific thought in a powerful way. This sounds interesting right.

Now you might be endeavoring to know the significance of contemplation which creates enthusiasm and purpose to practice it for your own well being and glory.

Have you ever experienced the awesomeness of contemplation. If you haven't done means you are always occupying your time with some mess and never practiced solitude. Let's dive in to our main topic CONTEMPLATION


Contemplation means having a deep and profound way of consideration of specific thought for a certain period of time in a quiet environment under your solitude which allows you to tap in to deep reflection of your inner self through integration of Body, Mind & Soul. This eventually lead you to meet your most deepest authentic version of your higher self and you can call that part of you from where you can discover the greater truths about the life and every aspect of it.


Generally it's a natural inclination of humans to know the importance , reasons & personal benefits behind pursuing anything. Here the rationale which will convince you to practice the contemplation are :

Contemplation serves you to tap the intuition levels inside you which helps in making a decisions damn suitable to you.

Contemplation facilitates to perceive your problems in a more effective way by integrating your mind and soul in order to come up with a strong practical solution that works for you exclusively

When you are contemplating, your mind becomes more receptive and can come up with new ideas, insights, and great thoughts.

It acts as antenna signals in bringing you the creativity and equips more clarity you needed for the life.

Through contemplation you gonna feel amazing from the deep inside of you cause here you are approaching your higher self to find the answer to your problems.