"Being Alone on the path of struggles & Hurdles"

Updated: Sep 16

Some believe that being alone means maintaining silence & distancing from relationships and going through the sadness of abandonment but there is a thin difference between “Being Alone” and “Being Lonely”.

Being alone means it’s your conscious self-decision to be alone

[ i.e. By yourself]

Being Lonely means going through some bad emotions & feelings of isolation. Someone can be alone but not feel lonely. Someone can feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

In this article, I would like to share some of my views & experiences of being alone. The nature of being alone comes by birth in individuals unlike individuals who practice occasionally. This nature has its own intentions & purposes of being alone and makes a person different and unique from the rest of the people. People who are uncomfortable with this nature might think of you as ignorant, egoist, overconfident, and have other misconceptions about you due to the attitude that comes out of this nature.

People who are accustomed to the practice of being alone with good intentions & purposes accompanied by, then these people attract hatred & criticism at the same time admiration & inspiration from others. Being alone is happy only when you make use of time for productive things and for rejuvenating yourself to take charge of your life.

Are you the type of person who enjoys your own company? If yes, then how? Do you experience the feeling of being alone in a blissful way? Okay, let's go just explore the ways that bring you happiness & glory to your precious one life.

1. Creativity, Fresh Ideas & Thoughts

Have you ever experienced a soulful morning & evening by being yourself in beautiful nature where open area – semi darkness – swaying trees & cool breeze makes you feel rejuvenated & boost up your mood and facilitates a good thoughts, creativity, new ideas and blissful feeling.


My advice is just spend at least 20 minutes with the most special & dearest personality within you [I.e. with yourself]

2. Making use of Time facilitated by you

After all, you say no to your friends for their own wishes & plans to hangout every time which might affect your own wishes & goals and eventually lead to affect your consistency and accustom to bad habits. You got much more time to use it for your success & glory by vesting your time on self-improvement and upgrading yourself daily with new skills, installing new habits and practicing your hobbies that makes you feel alive and in align with your goals & vision.

One thing is clear that if you practice being alone in a right way then no doubt, you will influence & inspire the people around you & which makes you unique & different personality from others no matter what some people always there to criticize you because you can’t please everyone instead ignore them and you don’t have a time even to think about them coz you are too busy in making something great.

In the end, you might misunderstand that being alone means complete abandonment of relationships, parties, joy, fun & entertainment. It’s just about conscious balancing & regulating the above by recognizing the fact that excessive fun & entertainment, wasting lot of time ideally and on social app and gossiping with office colleagues & friends endlessly eventually made you as dumbest and incompetent person.

Finally, I would like to conclude this topic by saying a few beautiful words.

“People with no goals are directionless & vulnerable and being used by the people who have them”

So just be cautious about your life and practice being alone in the right way.

You can be happy & contented being alone but you must be authenticated & faithful to yourself along the journey towards your definition of success. In pursuit of your dream, you may undergo a lot of disappointments, difficulties, struggles, failures, rejections, setbacks, and anxiety but in order to increase your ability to deal with the above situations, you just need to enhance your perceptions and perspectives about life.

Life is so short, but we all are living in ignorance of mortality. So be cautious & conscious about it and just make it happen the way you want to lead your lifestyle.

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